Wild Kingdom / Sound Pollution release a new remastered version of Tears first album, the classic “Pink album” – an album of world-class Swedish glam rock.

Tears broke many gender barriers and was the first band with make-up and glitter stage clothes on guys in Sweden and this at a time when prog music in our country put an inhibiting hand on all other music. The band was inspired by British and American glam rock. For example David Bowie, Marc Bolan and Sweet.

Tears was also the live band that became a forerunner in Swedish hard rock, the band made the turnstiles in “folkparks” spin wildly in the 70s, the audience flocked to clubs and cheered, danced and sang and the pop magazines reveled in the band’s stardom. Many audience records still stand today. Probably Sweden’s most famous, unknown band.

The disc also contains the new bonus track Gold Digger which, just like the album, contains high-class vocals, good pop melody and heavy rock in the same luxurious case. Exactly what Tears excelled during the fifty-four years the group existed.

Ola Salo (The Ark) about Tears:

“Especially this first record, which is now being reissued, has everything a glam record should have. The production is cocky and timelessly futuristic, the vocals are vivacious and challenging, the lyrics are ambiguous and playful, the drums are dry, and the guitars are razor sharp. It’s intelligence, rock ‘n’ roll and bubblegum in a perfect fusion. And what songs then… “Ooh Lah”, “Ballot Band”, “Messalina”, “We all like music, don’t we”… Could have listed all the titles. It’s hits right through!”

See more in the Tears documentary “Glam, sweat and Tears” on SVT-play.

Pre-Order the album: https://smarturl.it/KING105