The Mobile Homes 


Synth-pop • Electronic


The Mobile Homes was formed in Sätra, Sweden in 1984.

Early in their career Mobile Homes supported both Laibach and Nitzer Ebb on their Scandinavian tours

The band has been signed under many labels. It started with Papa Records, but that company didn’t last for long, so they had to search for a new label. Later they changed record company again, and this time they signed up with Hawk Records. At Hawk they released the albums “Hurt” remixed by Denniz Pop, “Nothing But Something” produced by Christian Falk, “Test” produced by Julian Beeston (Nitzer Ebb) and “Meanwhile”.

After a long break they signed under the German company SPV GmbH, and in Sweden under Arcade/CNR. Together with the ex Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos they released the album “Mobile Homes” in 1998. The radio picked up the track “You Make the Sun Shine”, and it was later used in a commercial for the airline SAS.

At Subspace Comunications they released the album “The World Will Listen”, with the singles “Nostalgia” and “The More I Think the Deeper I Sink”. “The World Will Listen” was recorded in the legendary Polar Studios, formerly owned by ABBA.

In May 2003 Mobile Homes signed under BMG Sweden and released an EP produced by Sami Sirviö from Swedish band kent and Stefan Boman. In 2009 they released “Today Is Your Lucky Day” produced by Sami Sirviö.

After that they have released a couple of singles.

Patrik Brun – Synth
Andreas Brun – Synth, Vocals
Hans Erkendal – Vocals
Sami Sirviö – Synth, Vocals
Markus Mustonen – Synth, Vocals



Hurt (1990)
Nothing But Something (1991)
Test (1992) Prod. by Julian Beeston (Nitzer Ebb)
Meanwhile (1994)
The Mobile Homes (1998) Prod together with Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk
There Is No Place Like Away 1986 – 1994 (1999)
The World Will Listen (2001)
Today is Your Lucky Day (2009) Prod. Sami Sirviö (Kent)
Trigger (2021)
Tristesse (2023)



Don’t Give It Up (7″ och 12″) (1986)
I Know I Will Die (7″ och 12″) (1988)
Feeling Better (7″ och 12″) (1989)
Let This Be Forever (7″) (1989)
Something Better (7″ & 12″) (1990) remixed by Denniz Pop
Hurt (7″) (1990)
Afraid (12″) (1991)
Love To Be Loved (CDS) (1991)
I Can’t Believe You (7″ & CDS) (1992)
Turn Off The Silence (CDS) (1994) – Prod. by Karl Bartos & Lothar
trigger-HAPPY (12″) (2022)


Credits: Psykbunkern