Freedom is deeply rooted in 70s and 80s working class rock, and the band takes the listener on a wonderful musical journey. From the back streets of New Jersey to glam parties in L.A., filled with power chords, big choruses, and lyrics about life’s roller coaster ride. Or “bargain basement Springsteen” as Nicke Andersson so nicely described the band in an interview. A soundtrack for the summer night, on the drive along desolate roads and through both sadness and joy.

Since the very beginning, Freedom has established itself as a fantastic live band, filling up clubs from north to south, both with their energy and audience. In 2022, the band was handpicked to play at The Hellacopter’s official release party at the historic Hamburger Börs in Stockholm.

The fact that they have been strengthened with the additions Ola Göransson (Heavy Feather, Stacie Collins) and Matte Gustafsson (In Solitude, Siena Root, Heavy Feather) as permanent members in the band, Freedom has secured a position as one of Sweden’s strongest live bands.

The self-titled debut album from 2021 did become one of rock Sweden’s great topic of conversation and now the long-awaited follow-up will be released. This one, like its predecessor, is produced by Martin “Konie” Ehrencrona (Viagra Boys, Håkan Hellström, Les Big Byrd).

Magnus Monroe –  Vocals, lead guitar  
Matte Gustafsson – Guitar 
Magnus Lavér – Bass
Ola Göransson Wedin – Drums, percussion 



Freedom (2021)


Credits: Emil Klinta