Borgerlig Begravning




This punk trio was formed around Christmas 2018 before any of the three cousins ​​had even turned 16. The band was given the political name Borgerlig Begravning (Civil funeral) after a text in a storefront that the band saw on the way home from a punk gig. The guys quickly made a name for themselves in the Swedish punk scene and played with established bands like Asta Kask and Mimikry during their debut year. The band released a 6-track EP in 2020 and in 2021 a single with two songs.

The long wait for an album is now over! The band’s 12-track long debut album is ready to be released!

Borgerlig Begravning was formed in boredom and the desire to play fast music that mattered. Asta Kask has been the biggest inspiration and their EP “Historien dömer oss alla” gave the trio the push they needed to understand how wonderful punk can be. Bands from the childhood such as Ramones and Ebba Grön has been with the band since the start and the swedes been influenced from all possible corners of the punk scene, from Bad Religion to GBH as an example.

Now it’s finally time for album number two. Together with Jugglo Wall, the band went into Kapsylen’s studio and recorded 12 songs. The title of the new album is “Parasit”, and with influences from bands such as Asta Kast, Bad Religion, GBH and Ramones, the band has made a record that will make people understand how good Punk can be.

Borgerlig Begravning has, during the spring of 2023 toured together with Charter 77 & Köttgrottorna, where the young guys have consolidated their position as the breath of fresh air that Punk Sweden needs!

Eddie Rudström – Guitar
Frans Rudström – Drums
Julian Rudström – Bass



Gör vad du vill (2022)
Parasit (2023)


Borgerlig Begravning (2021)


Jesper Hammarström