Skärholmen’s Punk Ensemble was formed in 1978 by a group of high school kids as a parody of the punk wave that swept in from England. Not long after, the band went from 13 members to 5 and shortened the name to KSMB. Within a couple of years, KSMB became one of Sweden’s most famous punk bands. The five members were Mats Nilsson on bass, Johnny Sylvan on guitar, Johan Johansson on drums, Steppan Guiance on vocals and Michael Alonzo on vocals.

The music was fast and aggressive with lyrics that was a swift kick against the balls of the establishment without being partisan. The concerts were numerous and well attended. The energy that the two singers Michael Alonzo and Steppan Guiance whipped up encouraged resistance to the adult world and became the soundtrack of many Swedish teenagers in the early 80s.

In rapid succession in 1980, KSMB releases the album “Bakverk 80” (Collection album together with Travolta Kids & Incest Brothers) and the now classic debut “Aktion

The following year in 1981, “Rika barn leka bäst” was released, an album that became one of Swedish punk’s truly great. However, success took its toll and after massive touring it led to the band deciding to take a break. A break that then turned out to last 11 years.

In a Sweden where the Laser man is ravaging and the Sweden Democrats see the light of day, the band decides to get together and once again give its vision its contemporaneity by releasing the album “Once Upon a Time” in 1993. The band then tours until 1996 before once again deciding to take a break. This time the break lasted 19 years.

In 2015, it’s time again and KSMB plays at the Bråvalla festival in Norrköping in front of 20,000 spectators and the singers Michael Alonzo and Stephan Guiance perform together with The Hives in front of a packed Globe Arena at the gala “Hela Sverige Skramlar”.

The gigs give the band energy and together with Sören “Sulo” Karlsson the songs are written for the album “Ond Saga” which will be released in 2017. The album will be followed up by a nationwide tour that ends in front of a packed Circus in Stockholm.

In 2018, the band puts on the show “En slemmig torsk”, a look back at the band’s history and the events that shaped the members and their lives. The show was also released as a double album in 2019.

KSMB is the band that refuses to stand still and conform to the conventions that others set up. Therefore, it rarely turns out as others expect. In January 2020, the EP “Bland tomtar och troll” is be released. This time the band is more personal than ever and does not kick outwards, but instead looks inward within themselves.

In 2023, the album “Bröderna Bengtssons Hatt & Mössfabrik” is released where “KSMB goes back to its musical roots and again finds the energy, anger and desire to reveal the class divisions, injustices and cracks in a cracked and segregated society in disintegration”.

Stephan “Steppan” Guiance – Vocals
Michael Alonzo – Vocals
Sören “Sulo” Karlsson – Guitar
Allan Sundberg – Guitar

Thomas Broman – Drums
Poppe Schubert – Bass



Bakverk 80 (Med Incest Brothers och Travolta Kids)
Rika barn leka bäst
En gång till
Ond Saga
En Slemmig Torsk – Showen
Bröderna Bengtssons Hatt & Mössfabrik


Credits: KSMB