The first cut from Sulo’s new double album “Rough Diamonds, Rare gems and Rowdy tracks” is a blue eyed soul ballad where Scottish guitar hero Brian Robertson paints a folky soul landscape around Sulo’s raspy vocal. It’s that kinda instant melody that brings back the 70’s heydays of rock n roll.A time where a 3-minute single could make a whole summer and continue to echo through the darker days. It’s a classic soulful ballad that doesn’t tries to be something else with a strong chorus and lyrics that’s dripping of bitter honey.

Sulo who’s been collaborating with a lot of high profile artists during his career such as Ian Hunter, Paul Brady, Janis Ian, Crystal Gayle, Paul Young , Terry Reid and more brings in Thin Lizzy axeman Brian Robertson to fulfill the song.Behind the drums is Ian Haugland from Europe and the performance is no more than brilliant.

So lean back and enjoy the ride back to a time when rock roll really mattered.

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