Skärholmen 127 is released today – the second single from KSMB’s upcoming album Bröderna Bengtssons Hatt & Mössfabrik which will be released on 5/26.

With the cover of the song “Hanging on the phone”, Blondie quickly became one of America’s most popular bands. The fact that Debbie Harry also looked like punk’s own version of Marilyn Monroe contributed to the band’s great success. After the debut in 1976, the album “Plastic letters” came in 1977, where the band cemented its place as New York’s hottest act. On that album is the song “Detroit 442”, which is an energetic pop song with an arrangement of its own, to say the least. When KSMB sets out on the progressive pop diamond, the action moves from Detroit’s backstreets to the Stockholm suburb Skärholmen, where the blue lights illuminate a part of Sweden that is rarely seen.

Video by: Alexander Palmér Guiance

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