The Refreshments release their first single Travellin’ Light taken from their upcoming album A Stiff One.


In the constantly changing music business there’s only one thing that remains.A good song is a good song. Swedens best kept secret The Refreshments are the living proof of that statement. After over 30 years of being a rockin’ unit they still deliver small gems that against all odds will climb up the charts. Unaffected by fashion or style they kept their rock ´n´ roll alive by shaping it to perfection and not giving in for any compromises.

If they’ve not penned the classics themselves they find a way of covering other songs and dress them up in a swagger that’s refreshingly new. Like the first single Travellin’ Light” from their upcoming album “A Stiff One” (Sound Pollution/Wild Kingdom) The pre pop hymn from 1958 was Cliff Richards second single and surely helped him to keep his star shining. When The Refreshments put their teeth into the song they instantly makes it roll the way it always should have.

From the almost devilish twang of the riff to the sticking chorus they put their heart and soul in the song like it was their very own. Many would say it’s a brave single 2023 but I wouldn’t be surprised if Quentin Tarantino instantly will fall in love with it and use it as the theme for his next film. I guess you can call it blues, country or soul but I’d call it rock ´n´ roll and The Refreshments know exactly how to cherish the legacy.

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