Reggae for thirsty listeners. 

Sweden’s answer to The Pogues, Finnegan’s Hell, continues to broaden the perspective of Celtic punk by releasing the single Keep ‘em Comin’ – the world’s first reggae drinking song. The release is an attempt to shift reggae’s focus from ganja to alcohol. Banjo, tin whistle and accordion provide the musical basis of the band’s mighty odd drinking song.

The group’s album One Finger Salute was voted “Celtic punk album of the year 2022”. After such a success, many bands would choose to bet on safe cards. Finnegan’s Hell does the opposite and releases a single which is outside the box.

– The puritans of folk punk might initially shake their heads at our odd creation, but we don’t give a damn. Once they get used to it, they will sing along to the chorus, says whistle and banjo player Reverend Mick Finnegan.

– Throughout the history of music, there have been several successful mixes of punk and reggae – The Clash for example – but we have never heard any drinking songs in that context, so it felt urgent to do something about is, says the band’s lead vocalist, Pabs Finnegan.

Finnegan’s Hell is ready to go on a summer tour and will perform Keep ‘em Comin’ live in June, July and August to a presumably thirsty audience in Scandinavia.


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