The new album from KSMB – Bröderna Bengtssons Hatt & Mössfabrik is released today.

Today the album “Bröderna Bengtssons Hatt & Mössfabrik” is released where KSMB goes back to its musical roots and finds energy, anger and the will to reveal the class divisions, injustices and cracks in a cracked and segregated society in disintegration.

As a tribute to their role models, KSMB has therefore selected 10 songs that in one way or another are important components of what would become their own sound. However, to call the album a cover album is misleading because KSMB makes the songs with such passion and devotion that they become their own.

The patented energy and forward-leaning drive that has been the band’s signature since the beginning is intact in a way that is impressive for a band that started in 1978. “Bröderna Bengtsson’s Hat & Mössfabrik” is an album that shows that there is power to be found in history and that Anger is an energy that rarely fades.

By interpreting and in Swedish performing works by 999, Heavy Metal Kidz, Blondie, The 101’ers, Death etc., the album also constitutes a cultural act that becomes a reminder of a time when music was seen as a weapon in the social debate.

KSMB is back with a message and perhaps they have never been more needed, current or better than right now.

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