The new single from The Boppers’ upcoming album is titled Millionaire, written by Eva Eastwood.

Listen here:

Matte Lagerwall of The Boppers comments on the song:
– Eva is a dear friend of ours and she has written top songs for us before, so I talked to her her, we discussed some song ideas ahead of the new album White Lightning and soon a newly written Millionaire landed in the box, we arranged it our way and here it is, The Boppers’ third digital single release this year!

Eva continues:
– Being able to write songs for their idols is every songwriter’s dream. The Boppers are cool, I’m so proud.

Together with the legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg (The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies etc), the band has recorded their new album White Lightning! The Boppers celebrate 45 years as a band and with the album White Lightning they prove that they are still a band to be reckoned with.

It’s an album for old fans as much as for new generations and after 45 years on the road, The Boppers sounds even hungrier and is just as always up to date.

The Boppers – White Lightning – is set for release on July 1, 2022, via Wild Kingdom / Sound Pollution.