Zinny Zan’s album Lullabies for the Masses is released today. The album is accompanied by a music video for the track “Heal the Pain”.

Zinny Zan comment the albums second track, Bombs Away:

Bombs Away is a true rocker and it´s about getting a second chance in life. I almost lost my life in early 2021 due to illness but survived and after that I feel like I don’t have the time to hesitate anymore. From then and now on its all bombs away!

It´s all in, from the first chord to the very last on each and every song on this album. The variety of songs on this debut just shows how brilliantly these guys manage to go from heavy rock with a take no prisoners attitude in to beautiful and well-arranged ballads making every word and note hit you in your heart and soul.

This is rock n roll.

Listen and order the album here: https://orcd.co/lullabies-for-the-masses