GATUPLAN’s debut full length album KAMPEN GÅR VIDARE! is now out on Sound Pollution/Wild Kingdom. A wild mix of old school punk rock, ska, power pop and garage rock with emotionally and politically charged lyrics.

GATUPLAN (translating to Street Level) is something as unusual as a punk rock solo project, put together by Swedish bass player Inge Johansson (best known from bands such as THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY, AGAINST ME! And CSS) with the help of some friends from the Swedish punk scene.

KAMPEN GÅR VIDARE! (translating to THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES!) is a musical celebration of counterculture, resistance, the spirit of fighting back – but also of love, travels and friendship. Inge explains: ”There’s so much worth fighting for – in your everyday personal life and in the bigger picture of things that we’re all a part of. This album is about all that – It’s protest music with a positive attitude.”

GATUPLAN’s debut album kickstarts 2021 with 12 international punk rock bangers proving that punk is alive and well today. Inge sums it up – ”I’ve been playing in punk bands for about 30 years now, but with GATUPLAN I feel like I’m just getting started.”

So, for the hard times we all face – the future is punk and THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES!

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