Gatuplan collaborates with street artists Kenny Bergander and Kenneth Candelöf in the new music video for Min Revolution, taken from the album Kampen Går Vidare! released earlier this year. The album got picked by Danko Jones as his favorite album of the year in a recent Exclaim! Magazine article.

The band’s frontman Inge Johansson comments on the video:

In a world where all communal spaces have become appropriated by capitalists telling us to buy more stuff we don’t need – I love seeing graffiti, because the artform in itself questions the outdated idea of private property and it speaks to me in the same way as punk music does. It’s fast, it’s extrovert and it comes from a desire to express what you feel right now in the moment without paying attention to trends or commercial expectations. I sure can relate to that. So when street artists Kenny Bergander and Kenneth Candelöf got in touch with me suggesting to do a collaboration with Gatuplan it was a no-brainer, because their art is like punk on spray can to me. So we decided to shoot a music video together, combining their graffiti with the lyrics of the song Min Revolution. Hope you’ll like it.

Listen to the album: