Freedom releases Tonight, their second single of the upcoming album Stay Free!

Freedom is deeply rooted in 70s and 80s working class rock, and the band takes the listener on a wonderful musical journey. From the back streets of New Jersey to glam parties in L.A., filled with power chords, big choruses, and lyrics about life’s roller coaster ride. The second single is no exception and it deals with the struggle of listening too much to the nasty angst ridden voice in your head. There is also a killer video accompanying the song.

The singer Mange comments:
Our second single ”Tonight” is about sleepless nights with endless existential anxiety. The feeling of being out of gas on the super highway of life while your peers are passing you in every lane. Long nights of heavy thoughts, but hey they make a good tune!.

Listen here:

And don’t forget to check out the killer video down below!