Broken love. New languishing, heavy rock song with Tears.
Sweden’s, probably, oldest rock band Tears is back with news!

The band will be 55 years old (with the original members!!) this autumn and today they are releasing a heavy, hot single about love, “Broken love”. A new self-written languishingly beautiful but tough rock ballad.

The glam rock band that inspired so many of today’s greats such as The Ark, Ola Salo, Europe etc started in Katrineholm in 1968 and still consists of Hans Fogelberg, Eddie Eriksson, Tomas Eriksson, Fubbe Furberg and Matti Vuorinen. Swedish National Television recently showed a highly appreciated documentary about this historically important and internationally still famous Swedish band, which was seen by millions of viewers. Broken love – a new song by Tears you just have to listen to!

Stream it here: