The runaway train Finnegan’s Hell is accelerating. Single number two from the upcoming album is an ultra-fast pogo pleaser called ‘Mickey Finn’; a tale about being slipped something in your drink and dealing with the consequences. The song is based on a true story, and the video – released simultaneously – is not suitable for sensitive viewers.

The long-awaited new album ‘One Finger Salute’ by Finnegan’s Hell, is released November 25th. Its title track appeared as a single a few weeks ago and received rave reviews all over Europe as well as in the US and Canada. Influential London Celtic Punks wrote we’re happy to report they have all the same swagger, intensity and attitude as before and concludes this is evidence someone will have to set a new place at the Celtic-Punk top table!.

Back home in Sweden, Finnegan’s Hell is often called “The Swedish Pogues” by the press. Even though the band has cranked up the volume and significantly increased the tempo, ‘Mickey Finn’ is a well-crafted song with the same kind of infectious melody and straightforward lyrics that was the trademark of Mr. MacGowan and his men.

The video for “Mickey Finn” was directed by Michael Ek, and this time he has gone all in. Sensitive viewers be aware!

Listen to the single and pre-order the album: